Q. Hello, I wanted to buy from your site, however, I don’t seem to get how. Can you please tell me how to buy on your website?

A. Hi! Thank you so much for sending us a message and question. We appreciate you trying to buy from our site. If you will attempt to buy once again, please ensure that you have an account first. Click the sign in button to create an account and in order for us to receive your information and provide you services as soon as possible. Note that you need to establish first that you are of legal age. After signing in and creating an account, you may now buy from our site by adding a drink to your cart and checking out.

Q. When will you create a branch in Michigan?

A. Hi! Thank you for sending your question. The Dark Horse Distillery is currently planning the branch for Michigan. We will update you here on our website as soon as we can. Please anticipate the news and the opening, thank you!

Q. Can I buy drinks on your website if I’m 18?

A. Hi, thank you for your message. We apologize but the Dark Horse Distillery only sells drinks and beverages to individuals who are already 21 years old and above. 

Q. Hi! Is your bar and distillery open for 24 hours?

A. Hello! Dark Horse Distillery and bar is not open for 24 hours but we do sell drinks and open our bar from 8 am to 1 am every day.

Q. Where can I see your full location? Is it available on your website?

A. Hi! Thank you for sending a message. You can view our map or location page to see our full address. The map can lead you to where you
can find our place. Please do go to that section, type your address or own location and it will lead you to a route to our branches.